Before the flight

Before you travel with us find out what you need to know to travel safely and comfortably.

At the airport

From the moment of arrival at the airport, you shall be under care of the travel agency personnel, passenger handling agent and airport security workers.

The check-in starts 2 hours and ends 45 minutes before the departure at the desks marked with appropriate cruise number and Enter Air logo.

 At certain hours, the security control can be very crowded. We recommend coming for check-in and security control as early as possible.

During the check-in you should present the ticket and an appropriate identity document with a photo (personal identity card for travelling within the European Union or a passport for travelling outside the European Union). At the check-in desks, the passenger handling personnel assigns seats on the plane and checks in the baggage to be transported.

 After checking in and registering the baggage, the passengers should pass to the departure hall. The entrance to the departure hall is connected with a very detailed security control carried out by airport security. Airport security is obliged not to allow on board any items or substances prohibited from air transport. The security check is carried out according to the local regulations and airport procedures, therefore we ask for your understanding and cooperation with airport security.

After passing the security control, you should go near the boarding gate of the plane („Gate“), the number of which you shall receive during the check-in. It is also marked on the boarding pass if it has been issued.

In the departure hall, there are restaurants and shops where, among other things, food products can be acquired. Due to customs regulations, the products purchased in the tax free zone can be used only after crossing a national border, which is, in practice, after leasing the plane abroad.  However, we encourage you to do shopping on board of our planes where we offer a wide range of products at prices lower than at the airport.

The passengers are invited on board appropriately early, usually about 30 minutes to the planned departure. During this time the baggage is also being loaded.

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