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Katowice-Burgas from 149 PLN

Katowice-Antalya from 299 PLN

Katowice-Bodrum from 299 PLN

Katowice-Tenerife from 349 PLN

Katowice-Lanzarote from 349 PLN

Katowice-Fuerteventura from 349 PLN

Katowice-Heraklion from 299 PLN

Katowice-Rhodes from 299 PLN

Katowice-Chania from 299 PLN

Warsaw-Burgas from 149 PLN

Warsaw-Malaga from 299 PLN

Warsaw-Gran Canaria from 349 PLN

Warsaw-Tenerife from 349 PLN

Warsaw-Lanzarote from 349 PLN

Warsaw-Fuerteventura from 349 PLN

Warsaw-Menorca from 199 PLN

Warsaw-Rhodes from 299 PLN

Warsaw-Heraklion from 299 PLN

Warsaw-Kos from 299 PLN

Poznań-Tenerife from 349 PLN

Poznań-Fuerteventura from 349 PLN

Poznań-Menorca from 199 PLN

Poznań-Bodrum from 299 PLN

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All given prices are final. They include, among others, 20kg of checked baggage allowance and 5kg of hand luggage allowance.
Individual tickets are sold on behalf of Tevel Aviation & Tourism Ltd

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