Before the flight

Before you travel with us find out what you need to know to travel safely and comfortably


The standard maximum limit for a hand baggage on Enter Air cruises is 5 kg (the sum of three dimensions cannot exceed 115cm (e.g. 55x40x20 cm)), and for a checked baggage 20 kg.

Due to operational reasons, checked luggage limit is 16kg on routes which include following airports:

-Ras Al Khaimah (RKT)

- Amílcar Cabral (SID)

- Fujairah (FJR)

- Salalah  (SLL)

- Bandaranaike (CMB)

- Abeid Amani Karume (ZNZ) 

- Dubai (DXB)

People travelling on one ticket can combine their checked baggage, in which case the weight of one suitcase cannot exceed 32 kg.

Pregnant women can travel on ENTER AIR flights under the following conditions:

  1. a) Pregnant women up to 32 weeks and without any complications, must carry a medical certificate with them, which confirms that the medical examination has been conducted within 72 hours before departure, and states that there are no medical contraindications to travel. The certificate should also include the expected date of childbirth;
  2. b) Pregnant women over 32 weeks and up to 36 weeks can travel only provided that they presented a MEDIF form, supplemented by a doctor. MEDIF form shall be downloaded from This carrier’s website;

For safety reasons women over 36 weeks of pregnancy will not be allowed for ENTER AIR flights.

Bearing in mind the safety of future mothers and their children, we recommend that the travel of pregnant women does not exceed 4 hours.

Children which on the day of journey are under two years old travel free of charge under condition that they will spend the trip on the knees of an adult person. One adult can accompany only one baby. Each child under two years old is allowed 5kg of hand baggage free of charge.

Yes, in case of baby food and medications the general rules concerning carriage security, which forbid carrying on board gels and liquids in the amount exceeding 100 ml and of total volume of 1l, do not apply. In such case, during the security check the Border Guards can ask for tasting the food in their presence.

Enter Air transports prams free of charge, however their weight reduces the available checked baggage limit (20 kg). The prams should be checked to the baggage hold of the plane directly before boarding the plane at the latest. It is not required to register the pram during the check in and registering other baggage at the check-in desk. After landing, the pram can be collected right after leaving the plane.

The check-in of the Enter Air airline starts 2 hours before the hour of departure and ends 35 minutes to the departure. However, because of procedures concerning the carriage security which require to perform the security control of the passengers, Enter Air recommends arriving 2 hours prior to the departure.

Enter Air planes in Warsaw depart from the terminal A (the new terminal).

It is permitted to carry domestic animals (dogs and cats only) which weight does not exceed 5 kg on board in special cages specifically intended for that purpose (the maximum weight of the animal with a travelling container 8 kg), which every time must be approved by the Carrier together with all necessary certificates about the animal’s condition  as well as all other documents required by the authorities of the country of departure, arrival and all transit countries. For transporting domestic animals, Enter Air collects the fee according to the table of extra charges presented in actual General Conditions of Carriage.

Currently, Enter Air collects a fee amounting to PLN 24 per each excess kilogram of baggage over permitted limits (luggage limits: 5 kg per hand baggage, 20 kg per checked baggage, 16 kg per long-haul checked baggage).

The Enter Air airline offers on board catering, which includes, for instance, sandwiches, drinks, sweets, etc. Some travel agencies include in the price of the ticket catering and during such cruises the meal is free of charge. Please inquire at your travel agency about details concerning a free of charge catering.

According to the General Terms and Conditions of Carriage by Enter Air Sp. z o.o. (L.L.C) all complaints must be submitted in writing (address: Enter Air Sp. z o.o., Komitetu Obrony Robotników 74, 02-146 Warsaw, Poland) or in electronic form via the complaint form available on the Enter Air website in the "CONTACT" section ( Properly filed complaints are dealt with promptly, with responses to complaints no later than within 30 days from the date of receipt. Please read the document General Terms and Conditions of Carriage (

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